WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 11

Wow, part 11 of this WIP. I got some more paint down and it feels great. I’m really getting close now. I’ve boxed in and washed all the base colours. Once the washes dries I’ll pick out the blues again and start highlighting the metal and gold. And then the final details. So close.  I […]

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Paint Job: Numinous Occulum

– I wish I could tell you more of the world that was and the end times but that age is lost in the mists and shadows of myth and legend. There is nothing left but shards remembrance scatters across realms. Relics, places, ruins …  – Yes, tell me about these places for we seek […]

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A Thousand Sons, part 2

I had my first game of 8th edition the other day and I brought my brand new Thousand Sons army to the battle. I knew I was up against a Tzeentch heavy Daemon army. Not the best match up for Thousand Sons as daemons rely heavily on invulnerable saves and have a strong psychic phase. […]

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Paint Job: Seraphon Kroxigors

Of all the models in the Seraphon range the Kroxigors are among my favourites – they are hulking brutes towering high above the Skinks and Warriors. Ruleswise they’re quite impressive too. 8″ move, four wounds, 4+ save and weapons with a high damage output. I would love to convert some to 40k too. They remind […]

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The Banner of Blood

Here’s a quick one – a while ago Mark from Heresy of Us and Black Earth sent me this cool skull pyramid. I’ve been wanting to use it since then and I finally decided to make an Objective Marker out of it. So with a few bits and bobs from different kits I ended up […]

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