Of Enginseers and Venomthropes

My brother and I decided to exchange Christmas gifts this year. We don’t do that every year but we both want some reinforcements for our armies so it felt right this year. I gave him an assault squad for his new Raven Guard army and an Enginseer for his 74th Cadian battle group. The Enginseer […]

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War Zone Hague: Survival

Do you like narrative gaming? I do. A lot. So for our coming games-and-beer weekender in March I wrote a campaign for our small gaming group. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope it shows. I guess I got a bit carried away and ended up with over 60 pages and 16 000+ words. Yeah, like I said, I really […]

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A year in the Warp

Time travels at a strange pace in the Warp. Moments can last for an eternity while centruries pass at a blink of an eye. 2015 now nears its end and I thought i would be nice to try and sum my blogging adventures up in a post. 2015 was of course the year I got this blog […]

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The Tyranid Tyrannocyte

The reintroduction on the Tyranid equivalent of a Space Marine Drop Pod made quite a splash when it was released, as it opens up for new lists and strategies. I’m not a great fan of the Tyrannocyte model but I got it quite cheap off EBay, so what can you do … Normally I try to shy […]

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WIP: Spore Mine Clusters

Spore Mines! I found some old rubble bases I did ages ago but never used. I glued some spore mines to the bases. The smaller ones are from the old starter box for 4th edition (I suppose, I got them cheap off EBay). The bigger ones are from the Tyrannocyte box. I’ll run them in […]

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