Old One Eye and the Distractions

Stop the presses! I got a little something for all of you, my fellow adventurers. A couple of days ago I showed off my take on Old One Eye. Well, you cannot send the Alpha Leader off to war without his band. Enter the Distractions. I’ll do some proper Paint job post on each of […]

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Paint job: Old One Eye

Boom! I just finished my DreadTober 2018 entry, the mighty, mighty Carnifex known simply as Old One Eye. The backstory of Old One Eye is pretty well known I guess, it get stranded on Calth, first frozen, then thawed. It trashes pretty everything until Telion, the master sharpshooter from the Ultramarines downs it with a […]

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DreadTober 2018

A few years back, Greg over at Greggles Tabletop/Feed your Nerd pulled this community event together called DreadTober. It was basically paint a Dreadnought model during October challenge but for me it was the first time participating in anything like that. I thought it was a ton of fun. The sense of community was great. […]

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Paint job: 50 Genestealers

It must have been was way back in 1990 or 1991 and I had never heard of Warhammer or 40k before. See, I was a young lad back then, barely a teenager. I remember entering the school were the gaming convention was held, checking out the shops and all the games set up. If I’m […]

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Paint job: Broodlord

Another Broodlord done for my Tyranids, this time around it is the model released during the awesome Blood Angels versus Hive Fleet Leviathan campaign that Games Workshop released as part of the preparations for the 8th edition. I made some slight conversions, most notably I placed the Broodlord on rubble rather than on that weird […]

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Paint job: Ripper Swarms

The Chestbuster in Alien is, without a doubt, one of the scariest space monsters ever. It is just disturbing. It grows inside you and claws its way through your flesh in its own becoming. Essentially devouring you to live. Yes, I get it, it has something to do with pregnancy. It’s not very subtle. Disturbing […]

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Hive Fleet Baba Yaga testers

I got like a gazillion Tyranid models half painted and unfinished. I started painting them like Hive Fleet Leviathan but I gave up. Each model just required too much effort and I lost interest in painting them like that. With a tag team tournament coming up in July, I got a reason to pick up […]

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