Traitor’s Hate

The 13th Black Crusade is about to be unleashed. Next week.  The picture is straight of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40 000 Facebook page. Note the icon in the top right corner, this is going to be a series of campaign books. I expect new formations and detachments and hope for new rules, psychic powers and […]

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Kharn the Betrayer

Warhammer TV released a short video where they goofed around with the alleged new HH-era Ahriman sprue. They didn’t show it instead they showed the new model for Kharn the Betrayer. He looks freaking awesome.  More information on Kharn on the 3rd of September. That’s when drop the new monthly White Dwarf isn’t it? Check […]

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WIP: Slaughtersmith conversion

To celebrating my 100th post I give you the Slaughtersmith – Slaugterpriest/Warpsmith conversion. It was a quite fiddly and frustrating process and I just didn’t think of picking up the phone to snap any shots. Sorry. I did take some photos of him before priming.  Now check this badboy out! The humble beginning, an awesome […]

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The General’s Handbook¬†

I actually bought the General’s Handbook last week ago and thought I give you a rundown of it. Age of Sigmar is really gaining on me as I’ve mentioned before a couple of times. I still haven’t played a game of it nor do I have an army to play with. Just a handful of models […]

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