To fight the War on Fate

Oh I’m so excited about the coming Codex Thousand Sons. I’ve been painting away at my squads and units. Slowly but surely starting to see the end of all final details. The brotherhood is nearing completion. No, no, no we can have that. A complete army is anathema, we cannot accept that. Time for reinforcements! […]

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Paint job: Xenos Statis-Crypt

I picked up the Sector Imperialis Objectives set back when 8th was released. It’s a cool kit with six very narrative objectives. I put the kit together straightaway, primed them and … nothing. Nothing happened at all. They just laid there. Until when I started painting the Lord of Skulls, I need something to break […]

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WIP: Lord of Skulls, part 2

Gold. I’m painting gold. Gold gold gold. And washing it too. Once that’s done as dried I’ll have to drybrush gold all over it again. God, it never ends. I hope to get this done before January ends. Don’t want to mess up Azazel’s “Painting Decemb-uary” challenge. But to be frank, I can’t see myself […]

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