If not, you will not be missed …

The worlds of Warhammer are both grim and dark but they are unlike the real world just fantasy ones. As the real falls into dark void of the Corona pandemic and racial violence, Games Workshop stepped up and declared its position. Personally, I find this great. And I hope that Games Workshop continues to push […]

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The Poisoned Flower

Daisan Flickerblade sat at the edge of the ruined building following the ebb and flow of the combat on the streets below her. She smiled at the monkeys fighting each other. Their clumsy moves and crude actions. How they’d survived for this long was a mystery onto itself. Blood had started to flow on the […]

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The Black Sun Solstice

I have written a bit of lore for a tournament tomorrow. It’s a continuation of the Armageddon Crusade that we played back during Easter (check out the background lore). The tournament is a tag team tournament, 1000 points each. I’ll play my newly painted Stealer Shock army for the first time and Andreas will bring […]

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The Armageddon Crusade

My not so local gaming club is hosting a tournament over the easter weekend. 2000 points, ITC, the works. In order to keep everything from going bananas I wrote some lore to forge a narrative and give us something more to fight about. I decided to reuse the setting from our older beer and pretzels […]

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Paint job: Xenos Statis-Crypt

I picked up the Sector Imperialis Objectives set back when 8th was released. It’s a cool kit with six very narrative objectives. I put the kit together straightaway, primed them and … nothing. Nothing happened at all. They just laid there. Until when I started painting the Lord of Skulls, I need something to break […]

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