WIP: MkIII Thousand Sons, part 2

My hobby bonanza continues. Damn, it feels good being able to a wee bit of hobby every day. I’ve decided to finish my Thousand Sons over the next two weeks or so. At least the 50 first Power Levels. 

I’ve put down the majority of paint on my MkIII conversions. The details remain – Warpflamers, robes, strips, eyes, a final layer of Thousand Sons Blue on the armour and some hard edge highlight. So close!


First the gold – black primer, Retributor Armour base, the old blue wash, Liberator Gold drybrush

Armour blocked in with Thousand Sons blue. I opted for the MkIII heads just to get the models built. I still lack two funny hats.

Nuln Oil wash over the armour plates. Looking mighty smart already.

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