A Thousand Sons, part 3

I played my third game of 8th edition and my second one with my new Thousand Sons army Friday night. I faced my brother and his Astra Militarum. I had challenged him to the first mission of the Fate of Konor campaign – Invasion. The mission has asymmetrical victory conditions. The defender scores points by […]

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A Thousand Sons, part 2

I had my first game of 8th edition the other day and I brought my brand new Thousand Sons army to the battle. I knew I was up against a Tzeentch heavy Daemon army. Not the best match up for Thousand Sons as daemons rely heavily on invulnerable saves and have a strong psychic phase. […]

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A Thousand Sons, part 1

With the imminent arrival of 8th edition I decided to actually get my hobby back and do some work on my Thousand Sons army. I got a list down and I’m working towards finishing it. Everything is built and just need paint.  The list is built for Narrative Play using Power Points (PP) rather than […]

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