Paint job: Thousand Sons Armour

Greetings fellow adventurers, I have returned from the smouldering ash wastes of Prospero. My journeys have been long and arduous. The siren songs have lured me away from the arcane path. Days turned to weeks; and weeks to months but I have finally broken their spell. Returned I am, and bounty I brought with me. […]

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Back at it again

It’s been something like five weeks since I did any hobby involving actual models. I’ve been writing on a campaign that I should have finished like eight months ago but you know … anyway back to models. I’m still focusing on my Thousand Sons and I needed or wanted to add some additional units. I […]

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A Thousand Sons, part 3

I played my third game of 8th edition and my second one with my new Thousand Sons army Friday night. I faced my brother and his Astra Militarum. I had challenged him to the first mission of the Fate of Konor campaign – Invasion. The mission has asymmetrical victory conditions. The defender scores points by […]

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