Paint Job: Numinous Occulum

Against the Blood tide!

– I wish I could tell you more of the world that was and the end times but that age is lost in the mists and shadows of myth and legend. There is nothing left but shards remembrance scatters across realms. Relics, places, ruins … 

– Yes, tell me about these places for we seek the great star clock. We seek Amūn Shaktar. I believe you know its location. 

The old Shadow Weaver paused as if surprised by the words spoken by Skink Starpriest. Amūn Shaktar, she hadn’t heard that name uttered in a thousand years. Few knew of it existence, even fewer knew its true name. The Skink in front of her was was obviously one of the last. What knowledge the Slann had imbued in this creature or had the daemon acquired that knowledge himself? She pulled her cloak back, the light from the flickering flames of the bonfire danced across her pallid skin. There was no mistaking the gravity of the conversion. 

– Why do you seek the Numinous Occulum? What possible questions could you have that it may answer?

Ton-Ka-Ton hissed silently, speaking not a word. He knew that the Aelf would not divulge anything if he could answer her questions. He contemplated telling lies of half truths for a brief moment. She discretely shook her head, almost unnoticeably, as he did. Or was that just his imagination … no, she would see right past the lies. Only the truth would do. The feathered grabs quivered in the air as he turn to his Kroxigor guardians. With a nod they left the two alone by fire. 

– I fear the worst has happened to our great Master among the stars. His voice has turned silent and his hand guides us no more. We are abandoned upon these Mortal Realms and we seek only to forge a path back to eternal light of the Azyr.  The star clock will help us find our bearing. 

*** *** ***

I picked up the Numinous Occulum on sale for half price. Awesome. Especially since I’ve been eyeing this kit since it was released. I think it looks … well, awesome really. So when I saw it at half price, who was I to say no. 

My idea was to throw it together fast and get a decent paint job done in a day or two. Well, let’s just say it didn’t take a day or two. I just can’t paint fast. Hopefully the paint job is a wee bit above decent too. Countless hours spent on this terrain piece. 

The Numinous Occulum is an arcane place of might and magic. Your wizards love this ruin. The iconography of the piece is very Age of Sigmar with twin tailed comets all over the place but I think you could shoehorn it into a game of 40k too if you want. I can see my Thousand Sons fighting over it. 

The Numinous Occulum was very hard to photograph. Too many angles combined with great bulk, height and size. I did my best to get some decent shots. Take a look!

The kids wanted me to represent the sun, moon and comet with different precious metals. Pretty cool idea. Thanks kids!

I wanted to contrast the dark stone and metal with some light colours. Many, many layers later I ended up with this.
I washed the sun, comets and banner in different colours. As if they had used different stone for the different elements.
On demand from the youngest; yellow comets rain down horror on the old world.

I watered down blue like crazy before painting the walls. I wanted a very bleak and weathered appearance.

I reprised the same technique on the front of the building. It makes the ruin quite striking.
I painted the model subassembled in order to reach stuff like the ceiling. No details lost.

I thought I was extremely careful and moderate when adding the verdigris. But still, might have taken it a bit too far.

I’m very pleased with it. Hope you like it too. 

Let me know what you think. 

Growl! Wait what? Who’s that lurking about in the background?

15 thoughts on “Paint Job: Numinous Occulum

  1. Wow man. Firstly I’m impressed that you’ve done two posts in a row 😉
    Secondly this is a great piece man. The paintwork is perfect man. Really cool stuff. I’m not familiar with the kit but u think I shall investigate. Great, great work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hold on to your trousers, cowboy! We might be heading for an unprecedented hat trick. Growl!

      Thanks. Glad you like it. The kit was horrible to assemble. I might have to do a behind the scenes post …

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cracking job mate – it is an impressive piece anyway, but the extra care and attention that you have put in really takes it up a notch… love that blue!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers! The blue walls completely changed the whole feel of the piece. It was a bit of a gambit but it looks like it worked out.

      This is the way I painted the walls:
      I primed the whole thing black and then painted more or less everything with Standard Mechanicus Grey.

      Celestial Grey base followed by a heavy (and I mean heavy) wash of Agrax Earthshade. Then I mixed Ahriman Blue with water. I mixed it until I had a almost watercolour quality to the mix. And then I added a bit more water. When I painted it I tried to have my brush under control as the paint wanted to run and settle in the recesses. I also used a dry brush to soak the paint from the recesses as paint ran there. It was inevitable.

      Once the paint had dried I return to walls adding odd splotches of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. I stippled some Screaming Skull at some places to add to the weathering.


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