A Thousand Sons

Greeting fellow adventurers! I’ve had a couple of requests for pictures of my full Thousand Sons army for a while now. I haven’t been able to do so yet. Some of the stuff isn’t readily available for me due to the whole Corona pandemic. And other stuff isn’t quite ready for a army showcasing.

But since I was off to a small RTT yesterday at my local gaming club, I thought I shoot the army I brought at least. It is after all a fair chunk of my Thousand Sons. This is 2000 points.

The list a double patrol, one Cult of Time and one with Cult of Duplicity. Quite a lot of Rubric Marines as you can tell and few Scarab Occult Terminators and other fun stuff. I wanted to try out some stuff to see if they can deliver better in 9th edition than they did in 8th. So the list is a bit experimental. Stuff like the Vindicato and Shaman, but also Rhinos. Rhinos are great, the other two … not so much. Spawn is also a steal at 23 points per model. Great objective holders and they can threaten a lot of things.

Here are a few hot takes from my first three games of the new edition:

  • it is much harder to screen your characters, it is easy to gun down smaller units and leave the character exposed
  • character spam isn’t viable anymore, I had five in my list and I’m going down to four
  • build your list with secondaries in mind or you will have a hard time scoring, I think you need at least one or two given secondaries that you always take and can score good
  • durability is the name of the game, you need stuff to hold (primary) objectives for an entire turn before gaining any points
  • the smaller board greatly benefit the Thousand Sons, 24” goes a long way now
  • Cult of Time is a bit of a trap, bringing back a few models over the course of the game is nice but I don’t know. Hourglass of Manat is the real value of Time in my mind
  • Cult of Duplicity on the other hand is amazing, game winning

Too many words, not enough pictures.

The tournament went ok given. I haven’t played in a long time and I knew some really good player were attending. So I set my goals as realistic I could. I had three, which all was met – have a good time, score an average of 60 points per game and hopefully win at least one game.

Keep on keeping on!

19 thoughts on “A Thousand Sons

      1. Yeah, it been years. I think I got started at the tail end of seventh edition when the new models hit the shelfs. So three or four years at least.

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      2. It feels good for sure. But I fear I’m not done yet. There is always more stuff to add.

        You might only finish smaller stuff but the quality is amazing.

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  1. Fantastic. I really love to see when an army comes together like this. We spend so long doing individual minis here and squads there that it isn’t often to stand back and look at the whole collection. You should be very proud indeed.

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    1. Thank you! It’s been a long journey to get to this point but looking at the army well worth it. One day I’ll get the rest out too.

      I feel that the army deserves to be shown in full force.


  2. That is a truly beautiful sight mate! A well painted army is a fantastic thing to behold, and when it’s a labour of love that someone has poured so much passion and commitment into over a period of years it’s even better. And of course, when it’s made up of servants of the Ruinous Powers that’s got to be the best of all!

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    1. Cheers!

      One of these day I will make a full army showcasing. I have quite few more models, ready or almost ready. And after that, I guess, I’ll have to take the leap and get the big man himself.

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