WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 9

Yes! I’ve finished the Forgefiend Conversion (or at least building the big baddie). I decided to glue everything together and stick the model on a piece of hardboard. I’ll glue it all on a proper big oval base once I get my hands on one. 

I made the feet more sturdy and the whole thing looks a lot better now. Good tip from the comments on the last post. Cheers mates!

Death to the false Emperor and all those who serve!


10 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 9

  1. Beast!!! That’s a colossal amount of green stuff. I like how he has a warhound type posture so you can imagine it running full tilt into battle. Nice work mate, let the painting begin.

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  2. Oh mate – the pose, the head, the tail, the chaos star on the armour – so many good things about this model! Well worth the time you’ve put into it, proves the value of sticking it out to make a model that’s as good as it can be.

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