Paint Job: Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur

This Oldblood’s been hanging over me like a guilty conscience for far too long. I’ve had it sitting almost done for what must’ve been ages. But it kept on creeping into my mind, like a bad debt you can’t pay. I caved in. With some time at my hands I decided to finish the 25% or so remaining. 

Looking at the pictures I can see the need to go over it again at certain places. But overall it looks pretty nifty. Yeah, I’m happy with it. And three Paint Job posts in a row. OMG! Hahaha. 

Now, check it out!

I call him Dave, Dave Growl.

Massive length
No focus for you, mr Tail!

First time using the GW gem stone colours on the spearhead. Let’s put it this way – not as easy as Duncan makes it look.

I really should clean up the teeth a bit.

Death laser gauntlet!

Snakes on the base! Cute overload!!

It feels good ticking off old stuff. 
Keep on keeping on!


10 thoughts on “Paint Job: Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur

  1. I have *MANY* projects that have stagnated and left incomplete – I find it so hard to come back to some projects once he initial igniting spark of enthusiasm has burned out. My efforts to paint my Silver Tower set has badly stalled with Kairic Acolytes – they look at me accusingly from my home office desk on a weekly basis. Don’t ask me about my Space Hulk terminators. Cathartic when you finally do complete these kinds of projects so good job!

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    1. Cheers! I know exactly what you mean. And Space Hulk Terminators … yeah, they be unpainted. The first edition ones too.

      But like you say, it’s quite cathartic wrapping up projects. That reminds me, I should put down some layers of paint on my Forgefiend.

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  2. GReat, great, great mate!!!! I’m not familiar with this model either. I need to study the GW website more me thinks. This dino-monster would work well for my Blood Reaper Army. Keep up the good work pal.


  3. Excellent paintjob. The contrast between purple gum and the main colours of the skin works very well. The gems turned out well and so did the subtle OSL on the laser gauntlet. Finally the snakes on the base are a nice touch and add further interest.

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