Oh wow! I picked up Drazhar, the Master of Blades, Phoenix Lord of the Incubi, the other day and I’m knocked. Such an awesome model. Looking at pictures of the model … it looks cool but nothing you’ve seen can compare to actually having it built in you hand. It is an astonishing model!

The level of detail is amazing, the pose outstanding. Probably one of the best models I have in my collection. Period not just Drukhari stuff. I just need to make this fanboy post to let you all know that. It is just that stupid good.

I can’t wait to get painting. I’m thinking bone armour, blood splatter and gore. Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

9 thoughts on “Drazhar

  1. He does look very cool – I wasn’t entirely sure about him when GW first showed pictures of him but seeing him unpainted like that really gives me more of a feel for the model, and helps me “get” him a bit more. Looking forward to seeing what you do with him, I reckon he’ll be amazing!

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    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I wasn’t sold on the model looking at the pictures of him. Good enough but nothing special. His rules are solid. Or rather amazing. So I picked him up regardless. On a whim more or less.

      That added to my initial sense of astonishment.

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