Paint job: Crypt Ghoul Courtier

The bonfires roared in the dark and cold night. The first frost had come making the air crisp and clear. The man walked around the encampment with his head held high. Not like he once had done, cowered and cramped. His hand rested on the hilt of his newly forged sword. His clothes of red […]

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Paint Job: Numinous Occulum

– I wish I could tell you more of the world that was and the end times but that age is lost in the mists and shadows of myth and legend. There is nothing left but shards remembrance scatters across realms. Relics, places, ruins …  – Yes, tell me about these places for we seek […]

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Paint Job: Seraphon Kroxigors

Of all the models in the Seraphon range the Kroxigors are among my favourites – they are hulking brutes towering high above the Skinks and Warriors. Ruleswise they’re quite impressive too. 8″ move, four wounds, 4+ save and weapons with a high damage output. I would love to convert some to 40k too. They remind […]

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The Banner of Blood

Here’s a quick one – a while ago Mark from Heresy of Us and Black Earth sent me this cool skull pyramid. I’ve been wanting to use it since then and I finally decided to make an Objective Marker out of it. So with a few bits and bobs from different kits I ended up […]

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Paint job: Magewrath Throne

After finishing the Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar box I decided to threat myself to something else than just the Khorne  Bloodbound from the same box. I stopped by my local GW store and I saw this small terrain piece on the shelf. The Magewrath Throne is, I was told, a sort of […]

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The General’s Handbook¬†

I actually bought the General’s Handbook last week ago and thought I give you a rundown of it. Age of Sigmar is really gaining on me as I’ve mentioned before a couple of times. I still haven’t played a game of it nor do I have an army to play with. Just a handful of models […]

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