Paint job: Magewrath Throne

After finishing the Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar box I decided to threat myself to something else than just the Khorne  Bloodbound from the same box. I stopped by my local GW store and I saw this small terrain piece on the shelf. The Magewrath Throne is, I was told, a sort of […]

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The General’s Handbook 

I actually bought the General’s Handbook last week ago and thought I give you a rundown of it. Age of Sigmar is really gaining on me as I’ve mentioned before a couple of times. I still haven’t played a game of it nor do I have an army to play with. Just a handful of models […]

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Slaughterpriest conversion cometh 

Guess what the postman brought me the other day? A Khorne Slaughterpriest! This model is freaking awesome. Massive, intimidating and full of fury. Easily one of the best scultps for the entire Khorne Bloodbound range if not the entire Age of Sigmar. I’ve wanted this model since it dropped and after seeing Alex over at Leadballony doing […]

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Paint job: Tomb Banshee

After weeks of marching and fighting through the vast forests of Yaramist they finally reached the glade and the arcane Occulum construct at its heart. With the secrets of star sphere just a few paces away the Skink Starpriest ordered the Saurus contingent to press on. Whether they were blinded by ambition, sense of duty […]

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