WIP: Converted Tyranid Shrikes, part 1

I’ve started to convert my Tyranid Shrikes. Progress has been slow since I decided to start painting the rest of the vanguard swarm. I bought the new Zandri Dust spray and base painted most of the army in one go. That saved a lot of time compared to painting each model by hand. I wasn’t […]

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More Tyranid organisms spawning

In my quest to use as much of the bits available on the often jam packed sprues I’ve gathered these bits. Just like when you’re cooking; where leftovers can often make great meals, bits can make great conversions. You just need to put some effort into it. The leftovers I’ve here are three Tyranid Warrior […]

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The Deathleaper and a Lictor

More Tyranid stuff coming right up. I just finished off some conversions that had been gathering dust. I started these a while back but never got around to finish them. Not until now that is. Both the Deathleaper and the Lictor are based off Tyranid Warriors. I wanted a sleaker profile on them compared to […]

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Tutorial: Hague Strain Zoanthropes

Of all the horrors that Leviathan released on Hague none where more feared than the Zoanthrope Broods. For the Zoanthropes were the indomitable Hive Mind’s psychic might made flesh. As they floated across the battlefields of Hague only death followed. After building the three Venomthropes in the box you are left with almost all the […]

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Return to War Zone Hague

War Zone Hague: Survival is a narrative campaign depicting a Tyranid invasion of the war-torn world of Hague. Imperial and Tau forces need to fight together for survival against the endless swarms of Hive Fleet Leviathan. I’ve done some updates on the campaign. I got a request from a player in our gaming group for […]

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