Paint job: Kitbashed Drukhari Mandrakes

Wow, that’s a bit out of the blue. Mandrakes. Whatever is that. Ok, Mandrakes are some form of daemon tormentors from a parallel dimension within the Webway known as the Aelindrach. They dwell in the shadows, and they do really bad things. Even the Drukhari fear them. So you know they’re up to no good. […]

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Gloomhaven: Mindthief

The RPG style dungeon crawler board game Gloomhave has been the bee’s knees doing the rounds in the greater community. I haven’t played a game yet but it looks fun and engaging. You get a character that you play, level up and after reaching some campaign goal finally abandon for a new one. The mechanic […]

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Snapshots from the workbench

I’ve been spending a few late night hours doing hobby and have some stuff to show off. My Thousand Sons are coming along very nicely at the moment. Here’s a few shots of my work in progress. Tzaangor Shaman conversion. Skin nearly done. Chaos Rhino. First layer of blue. 20 more Tzaangors. Skin nearly done. […]

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