Osiron Contemptor and Tzaangor tester

The never ending tide of Thousand Sons reinforcements continue with few more snapshots from stuff I’m working on. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a few ideas on how to take my Thousand Sons forward. I had already bought another Hellforged Contemptor. I’d picked up a Osiron Contemptor and two conversion beamers […]

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Recap time!

A few days have passed since the tournament last Saturday and the time has come to recapitulate the games. Like I mentioned in the last post (check it out for all the lists), we are trying to get a tournament thing going. But one of the things I learned was that, well, our community ain’t […]

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The Barrel Boys Brawl RTT#1

This Saturday I’m helping organising a small a Warhammer 40,000 tournament. The event use the ITC format – 2000 pts, 3-hour games, missions 1-3 from the Champions pack. Pretty straightforward. I hope that we can get a small tournament thing going, but we will see. Here are the lists of all participants (next time, I […]

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