Paint job: Rubric Marines

Here’s a treat for you guys and gals. This squad of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines is probably my best work yet. At least as a squad level paint job. I poured everything I had into the process and after a gazillion sessions I finally put down the brush and called it. When I look at […]

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Snapshot from the workbench

I built ten more Rubric Marines, five Scarab Occult Terminators (need to get some shoulder plates for one of them though) and based the lot of them along with a few other models. Yeah, I got some work cut out for me. Keep on trucking! Ps. I’ve been swamped lately and haven’t had time or […]

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The Armageddon Crusade

My not so local gaming club is hosting a tournament over the easter weekend. 2000 points, ITC, the works. In order to keep everything from going bananas I wrote some lore to forge a narrative and give us something more to fight about. I decided to reuse the setting from our older beer and pretzels […]

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