About High Times on the Eastern Fringe

I first got into 40k back in the Rogue Trader era. But Space Hulk is what got me started. That game is just the best. Still is. Unlike 40k I continued to play Space Hulk.

I got back into 40k in 5th edition. I believe It was after playing a Space Hulk all-nighter. I decided to run Chaos Space Marines this time around. I bought myself a five man squad to give it a go. I got hooked straight away.

Chaos Space Marines is my main army. I got a fairly large DIY warband – the Lords of Ascension. I also have maybe 2 500 points worth of Space Marines and about the same amount of Tyranids. Unlike the Space Marines I still work on my Tyranids, patiently waiting to unleach the ‘stealer shock.

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