Unboxing: Kill Zone Death World Forest

The Kill Zone terrain boxes from Games Workshop released for Kill Team are great bundles. A battlefield in a box, saving you some money. I knew straight away that I would pick up a box. At first I contemplated the docklands themed box with six containers, a couple servo haulers and loads of scatter terrain […]

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Signs of life and dust

Oh my, you go on a bit of holidays down under and Games Workshop releases a Daemon Primarch, burn Fenris, give us new rules and models for the Thousand Sons and spring the Traitor Legions on us and that’s just a bit of all the new a shining stuff. Not fair! How am I supposed […]

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MkIII Iron Armour

I picked up a set of ten MkIII Iron Armour Space Marines from the brand new Burning of Prospero set. A lot of people must have picked up a ton of sets just to chop up and sell off. I got them for a fair price, about 19 Euro including p&p.  Sure, you can probably […]

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Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero 

Goosebumps! Seriously check out the promo video for the next Horus Heresy board game – The Burning of Prospero. It’s Space Wolfs (boo!) versus the Thousand Sons (yeah!). Arhiman is there. Some random dude called the Fell-Handed too. Maybe it’s the original Fell-Handed and Björn’s only a simple charlatan? The Custodes and the Sisters of […]

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