Uncontrolled mutation! More Thousand Sons Spawn

Hot off the heels of the Spawn conversion/kit bash/reimagining I posted the other day, here is the rest of the flock. The sculpting is a bit rushed and not as careful as on the first model. But it works.

I used standard Miliput which does not behave like Green Stuff at all. But I couldn’t get my hands on any Green Stuff so I had to make due with what I got. Miliput isn’t really for fine details.

I also pushed the sculpting and didn’t pay enough care to it. So at places the fur looks … not that great up close. But as a unit on the table top it looks just fine. With that said, here is rest of the flock!

These are slightly less bright green compared to the original one. Completely by accident. Or rather me not bothering to check the one for reference during painting. I’m not sure which one I like the most. The variety doesn’t bother me.

Here is a final group shot of the six of them.

I hope you like my take on Spawn. I actually keen to make another batch of work my way up to fifteen. That would be absolutely bonkers. Magic!

Keep on keeping on!

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