Paint Job: Seraphon Kroxigors

Of all the models in the Seraphon range the Kroxigors are among my favourites – they are hulking brutes towering high above the Skinks and Warriors. Ruleswise they’re quite impressive too. 8″ move, four wounds, 4+ save and weapons with a high damage output. I would love to convert some to 40k too. They remind me of Kleggs from Judge Dredd. 

Intergalactic reptilian mercenaries … I would love to make some for 40k and Kroxigors would make a great start.

Truth be told, I wasn’t really that impressed by them before I got my hands on them. They were cool but not that cool. The pictures of them I’ve seen didn’t convey their awesomeness. But all this isn’t what matters. The Seraphon is not my army but my son’s. He’s seven years old and loves the idea of an army of lizardmen and dinosaurs. So for his seventh birthday he wanted a unit of Kroxigors. And a unit of Kroxigors he got. 

It’s been few months since his birthday and I never got around to finish them, until today. I’m rather pleased with them and so is my son. I hope you like them too. 

The Starhost had been all but destroyed but the Skink Priest and his Kroxigor bodyguard had never given up. They had pushed past Lord Khal’s blood host in the Dead Woods to reach ancient throne of untold magical might. 

It didn’t take long until the Warriors of Khorne fell upon them with full fury yet again. Their numbers were endless. 

But the Kroxigors would not yield nor break. Their great Drakebite Mauls trashed those who came close. 

But as the blood of the Blood Warriors was spilt on the steps of the throne more and more barbarians charged through the woods. 

Keep on burning!


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