Unboxing: Shardwrack Spines

To celebrate having finished building the Lord of Skulls (good excuse, right?) I picked up a box of Shardwrack Spines. Games Workshop released this along with a few other kits of Deathworld terrain not so long ago. The kits didn’t really make a splash in the community and have spent the months gone by rather […]

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WIP: Lord of Skulls, part 1

My inner Tech-Priest or rather Warpsmith have been busy building the Khorne Lord of Skulls. It was a ton of fun. The kit is probably the most intricate and complex that I ever gotten my hands on. It is by far the biggest model I built. The arm and clever looks a bit off like […]

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Paint job: Thousand Sons Armour

Greetings fellow adventurers, I have returned from the smouldering ash wastes of Prospero. My journeys have been long and arduous. The siren songs have lured me away from the arcane path. Days turned to weeks; and weeks to months but I have finally broken their spell. Returned I am, and bounty I brought with me. […]

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