The General’s Handbook 

I actually bought the General’s Handbook last week ago and thought I give you a rundown of it. Age of Sigmar is really gaining on me as I’ve mentioned before a couple of times. I still haven’t played a game of it nor do I have an army to play with. Just a handful of models […]

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Quick notes on the CSM FAQ

++ Updated regarding the ruling on Maulerfiends ++ Ok, GW finally dropped their FAQ (first draft) for Chaos Space Marines and the Helbrute dataslate along with a short errata. All in all five pages. Lets take a look at them! Marked Sorcerers cannot escape the shackles of their patron God’s specific powers. That is too […]

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Renegade Knight

I know you all seen the new Imperial Knight: Renegade boxed game that Games Workshop are releasing this weekend. A new Knight, an old Knight and a ruined building; the discount is huge. The price isn’t far from buy one, get two. Damn you, Games Workshop, for putting out one great box after another. I […]

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