I got around to my local GW shop and bought some more Green Stuff and some few paints as well. I also picked up some sculpting tools. I felt it was about time after years of using ballpoint pens, steel wire bits and whatnot. I believe I’ve earned it. The tools look neat and I’m […]

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Paint job: Maulerfiend

I’m by no means a great painter, lets face it, not even close. This Maulerfiend is probably my finest work. It is also one of my latest. Great. Progression ahead. The Maulerfiend is painted in the colours of my Chaos Space Marines warband; the Lords of Ascension. More on them in the future. Enough talk […]

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High times

Lets get this party started. Another 40k blog; I’ve been here before and I’ve pretty much failed here before. Oh, might as well dust myself off and try again. My ambitions are moderate. I will try to post every once in a while. The blog is to document my 40k endevours – from building and […]

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