Quick notes on the CSM FAQ

++ Updated regarding the ruling on Maulerfiends ++ Ok, GW finally dropped their FAQ (first draft) for Chaos Space Marines and the Helbrute dataslate along with a short errata. All in all five pages. Lets take a look at them! Marked Sorcerers cannot escape the shackles of their patron God’s specific powers. That is too […]

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WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 7

Say what? Yes, it’s already time for another update. I’ve been doing a lot of Green Stuff work on the Forgefiend, focusing on the armoured carapace. The work’s been done over a couple of short sessions. Early mornings mostly, before heading off to work. The actual sculpting isn’t taking that long, 30 minutes or so per […]

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Slaughterpriest conversion cometh 

Guess what the postman brought me the other day? A Khorne Slaughterpriest! This model is freaking awesome. Massive, intimidating and full of fury. Easily one of the best scultps for the entire Khorne Bloodbound range if not the entire Age of Sigmar. I’ve wanted this model since it dropped and after seeing Alex over at Leadballony doing […]

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Old School Terrain: Town house

And now something completely different. I needed a break from my Forgefiend cconversion and painting of the Wyches so I decided to test my old school hobby skills. Forget the promise of progression and crack out the foamcore and popsicle sticks. I didn’t think of taking any photos during the work. Sorry about that. Not […]

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WIP: Dark Eldar Wyches

The Dark Eldar range is probably my favorite range of minis of all 40k factions. I remember when they dropped. Man, they just blew my mind. So much cool. But I never got myself an army.  I just picked up a kit of Wyches a few years ago but never got around to finish them. […]

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