Paint job: Helbrute

Rizgar the Tainted The Fallen Champion Helbrute of the Lords of Ascension Chaos Space Marines First Captain Rizgar of the Silver Skulls Space Marines Chapter had been tasked with the destruction of Gul Valon, the Butcher of Kurigath. His assembled strike force of first company brothers struck hard and Rizgar shortly found himself face to […]

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WIP: Helbrute part 2

Got some more work done on my second Helbrute for #DreadTober. I picked out cables and metal details in the flesh. Plenty of detailing left – final wash and high layers of flesh, corrosion, rust and bare metal, bones and the base. And some extra stuff. But I’m optimistic, I think I’ll have it done […]

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WIP: Helbrute

What?!? No need to adjust you screen. You are correct, another #DreadTober Helbrute coming straight up. With my initial pledge fulfilled (with plenty of time to spare) I found myself caving in to the idea of painting yet another Helbrute. In October. I’m going for the same overall look on this as on my Khorgorath […]

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Chitin and Claw – part 3 Onslaught

Rising Leviathan III – Tyranid Onslaught The Tyranid Invasion is now a undeniable fact. Billions of organisms have made planetfall and the devourering of the world’s biomass has begun. To break the last defenses left the Hive Mind unleach its Monstrous Creatures upon the enemy’s strongholds. Bioblast Node With a unit of Warriors, three broods […]

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