Unboxing STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins

I picked up Games Workshop’s cheap STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins the other day. The kit was first available with the battlefield in a box “Moon Base Klaisus” they released a year ago maybe. The kit is very simple, easy-to-build, no glue required. You can just slide the pieces together. But while the kit lacks scalability and […]

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The Promethium Refinery

What’s the point of having decently painted minis if you have them fighting over a couple of books and beer cans on the kitchen table? Having wargaming terrain is just as important as having … well, minis. I mean you could play the game with tokens and markers instead of models. I have a decent […]

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Paint job: Shardwrack Spines

My Shardwrack Spines are all done and I’m really happy with the result. And it was quick too. If only I could paint units at the same pace … Anyway the paint job is simple but not rushed. I wanted the Shardwrack Spines to have weird feel but not a psychedelic one. This is not […]

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Unboxing: Shardwrack Spines

To celebrate having finished building the Lord of Skulls (good excuse, right?) I picked up a box of Shardwrack Spines. Games Workshop released this along with a few other kits of Deathworld terrain not so long ago. The kits didn’t really make a splash in the community and have spent the months gone by rather […]

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