Traitor’s Hate Review: part 2 – Dataslates

After taken a look at background and fluff of Traitor’s Hate it’s now time to dive into the rules segment. I’ll do a (not so) quick post on the more general dataslates and rules. That is Renegade Knights, vehicle squadrons for Chaos Vindicators and Chaos Predators, Khârn the Betrayer and the Khorne Lord of Skulls. […]

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WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 2

DreadTober is a community event or challenge in which you build and paint a dreadnought type model during October month. Except to all sorts of walkers, from the mighty Knight Titans to the not so mighty Helbrutes. The rules have been relaxed a bit this year – any dreadnought type model is fine so bring […]

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WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 1

Ok, lets get this party started. DreadTober 2016 is officially on (even though it’s still September) and the first of the weekly challenges is to plan and build you entry. Like I’ve mentioned before – I’ll be doing a Betrayal at Calth Chaos Contemptor Helbrute.  I need to do the following conversions: Turn it into […]

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Dreadtober 2016

Last year Greg over at Feed your Nerd hosted a great community event – DreadTober. In a very fun and encouraging manner we built and painted a Dreadnought type model. I managed to paint two Helbrutes last DreadTober – I was aiming to finish one but got swept away by the surge of shared enthusiasm. […]

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