The Darkstar Gambit Battle Report

The Tau Breacher Teams ventured into the claustrophobic darkness of the space station. They had sent their Kroot allies in advance, they would scout and circle back to ambush the enemy. The Fire Warriors were calmed by the presence of the Ethereal, the buzzing sound of the surrounding Drone Net and the screaming retrothrusters of […]

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Hobby update

Oh my, hobby time’s been scares lately. Kids, family, work and everything else we know as real life have left little time to do hobby stuff. But at least I’ve started to paint my cultists. I’m doing the old assembly line routine, one base colour at the time. I only got the metal and skin […]

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What to do next?

With Maulerfiend conversion done it’s time to kickstart the next project. But I still haven’t decided on what to do. Maybe you can help me decided? Lets go over the options: 1. 20 Chaos Cultists. The cultists are brilliant models but they are a bit static due to being snap fit. I already have twenty […]

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