Another batch of Rubric Marines

So how are you all hang on in these crazy times? I’ve had a hard time getting hobby done being swamped in work, while physically separated from most projects. They are stuck away from home. Not the biggest worry these days but still a drag. Oh well, enough about the hassles of the real life […]

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A return to the hobby

Oh my, it been a while, hasn’t it? I think my last post was back in June or maybe early July. I remember having a great hobby flow; painting modelling and even gaming regularly. And then the Warp Storm known to us all as real life consumed me. And the hobby fell long and hard […]

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Snapshots from the workbench

I’ve been spending a few late night hours doing hobby and have some stuff to show off. My Thousand Sons are coming along very nicely at the moment. Here’s a few shots of my work in progress. Tzaangor Shaman conversion. Skin nearly done. Chaos Rhino. First layer of blue. 20 more Tzaangors. Skin nearly done. […]

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More reinforcements

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy and unfortunately not doing a ton of hobby stuff. I missed most of the stuff you have going on. I’ve just lacked the motivation to check out your blogs. I had a few games with my Thousand Sons in the escalation league. They have been great. The list […]

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A bunch of half done stuff

It been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten around to do much hobby lately. Here’s is some new stuff for my Thousand Sons. I’ve just joined an escalation league based on the Vigilus campaign and the starting point is 500 points. The league is narrative driven and you get to […]

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