A Thousand Sons, part 2

I had my first game of 8th edition the other day and I brought my brand new Thousand Sons army to the battle. I knew I was up against a Tzeentch heavy Daemon army. Not the best match up for Thousand Sons as daemons rely heavily on invulnerable saves and have a strong psychic phase. I could have tailored my list as I knew pretty much what I was up against but opted not to. So I ended up paying premium points for Inferno bolters and the likes and getting nothing in return for the investment. 

Here’s my force. I had to take a few units from my Lords of Ascension CSM. The golden ones will be TS blue.

We played matched play at 2000 points. My list was a battalion detachment and a vanguard detachment. Battalion – Ahriman, Terminator Sorcerer, 10 Rubricae with bolter and cannon, 5 Rubricae with flamers , two squads of cultists, 5 Scarab Occult with everything. Vanguard – Terminator Lord, 5 Terminators with combi-plasma and heavy flamer, two Helbrutes (one with lascannon, one with heavy bolter), 5 Raptors with melta guns. My opponent brought mostly Tzeentch Daemons but also some Khorne ones. Loads of stuff but his heavy hitters were a Lord of Change and two Daemon Princes. Oh, he had the Changeling too. 

The Khorne contingent was a surprise to me.

We rolled the No Mercy mission (kill points), the daemons got to pick deployment and we ended up playing the search and destroy map. I deployed my five deep striking units off the board and backed away with the rest while the daemons set up really aggressively behind a big LoS blocking building at the centre of the table. This was pretty much a first to me, as I normally am the one deploying aggressively. I really liked the way you deploy now both the alternating part and the fact that you also deploy you deep strikers and reserves. As I finished deploying first I also opted to go first and the daemons failed to seize. 

The ability to pick deployment map if you win the roll off is extremely good. You get to pick sides too. Of all the maps, this would have been my last pick.
My Helbrutes taking advantage of their range. But I did a quite poor job at bubble wrapping them. Which I learnt the hard way. Stuff that fly just fly over those cultists.

I didn’t do much my first round, took a few long range shots and failed to do anything. Daemons shuffled up the pitch. Round two saw me deploy me squads of Terminators and I focused on the Khorne daemons and got first blood.  I had dropped them behind his lines which meant he had to split his forces in order to deal with my army. I hoped to do more damage on my turn but my output was less than average. I had quite poor dice rolls for my deep strikers but ok dice rolls for the rest of the army. A shame really as I needed my Terminators and Raptors to pull their weight. 

With everything at the deployment edge I knew I had to try and break his lines or he would just overwhelm me.

My heavy deep strikers held for a couple of turns, scored a few kill point but then they died. 4++ is extremely good, a single Blue Horror held combat against my Chaos Terminators for three combat phases solely on 4++. But their sacrifice had given the rest of my force more time to deal with the softer targets he threw at me. 

Deep striking without scatter almost felt like cheating.

The game ended on the fifth round. His big hitters were closing in on my defensive lines and it looked pretty grim. But the score was settled at 9-9, we reckoned that Tzeentch was pleased. The game could have gone either way had it continued. 

I had a blast playing. Sure, we flicked a bit in the rules and the index but the rules are so much better now. Easy, intuitive and fast. I need to memorise more of what my units does. I forgot about Crazed for example and I misremembered some weapon profiles. So even if played slow due to the game being new we finished the game in less than four hours, including set up. That’s very promising. 

Some thoughts on game

  • Rubricae and Scarab are pretty resilient against low damage weapons. All is Dust is a powerful rule and the invulnerable save doesn’t hurt. Heavy hitters munch through them quite easily thou. 
  • Flamers are great. This game saw me use my expensive Warpflamers as normal once due to facing Daemons but still. Scoring 4d6 auto hits is nothing to sneeze at. Don’t let flamer units get close. 
  • Pile in is important. The ability to shuffle your models around is great. So don’t put your models in base contact but keep your distance. 
  • The Changeling is crazy good. The -1 to hit bubble is insane. Power fists hit at 5+ for example. Kill it at will. 
  • Ahriman is the number one pick for Thousand Sons. Only four points more expensive than a Exalted Sorcerer but so much better (4++, three spells, +1 to cast and deny). 
  • Don’t forget to bubble wrap. 
  • And FLY is mental. So freaking good. 

Great game and a positive start of 8th edition. 

All is dust


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