Hive Fleet Baba Yaga testers

I got like a gazillion Tyranid models half painted and unfinished. I started painting them like Hive Fleet Leviathan but I gave up. Each model just required too much effort and I lost interest in painting them like that. With a tag team tournament coming up in July, I got a reason to pick up […]

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The Promethium Refinery

What’s the point of having decently painted minis if you have them fighting over a couple of books and beer cans on the kitchen table? Having wargaming terrain is just as important as having … well, minis. I mean you could play the game with tokens and markers instead of models. I have a decent […]

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Quick notes on the Big FAQ

A bit late Games Workshop finally dropped the much anticipated Big FAQ. And it made quite a splash. I just want to share some initial thoughts and reflections regarding the new rules. The Big FAQ focuses a lot on Matched Play, which is fair. The most need for rules tweaks is among the competitive crowd. […]

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Paint job: Rubric Marines

Here’s a treat for you guys and gals. This squad of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines is probably my best work yet. At least as a squad level paint job. I poured everything I had into the process and after a gazillion sessions I finally put down the brush and called it. When I look at […]

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Snapshot from the workbench

I built ten more Rubric Marines, five Scarab Occult Terminators (need to get some shoulder plates for one of them though) and based the lot of them along with a few other models. Yeah, I got some work cut out for me. Keep on trucking! Ps. I’ve been swamped lately and haven’t had time or […]

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