Unboxing STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins

I picked up Games Workshop’s cheap STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins the other day. The kit was first available with the battlefield in a box “Moon Base Klaisus” they released a year ago maybe. The kit is very simple, easy-to-build, no glue required. You can just slide the pieces together. But while the kit lacks scalability and […]

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Paint job: Tzaangor Twistbray

With Kill Team really blowing up, I’m looking at my different armies and building all sorts of warbands. Since Thousand Sons is my primary army for 8th editions, I took a Thousand Sons Kill Team for my first spin. It was a ton of fun. Just as in regular Warhammer 40,000, Thousand Sons picks are […]

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The Black Sun Solstice

I have written a bit of lore for a tournament tomorrow. It’s a continuation of the Armageddon Crusade that we played back during Easter (check out the background lore). The tournament is a tag team tournament, 1000 points each. I’ll play my newly painted Stealer Shock army for the first time and Andreas will bring […]

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