High times indeed

I started High Times on the Eastern Fringe a couple of months ago out of a desire to share my passion for the hobby. I didn’t knew what to expect really, if there would be any interest in what I do or if there would be any fun documenting and posting about playing with little […]

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WIP: Khorne Lord part 2

I’ve put the Khorne Lord together. I only did very small converting and sculpting on this model as it looks great directly from sprue. Some armour was added on the back, to give the model a little more terminator bulk. Together with the Combi-Bolter it really looks the part. I also needed to re-position the […]

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WIP: Khorne Lord part 1

I picked up the awesome Khorne Lord from the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter box. I had some luck in the online auction and manage to get it for half the price of the new Dark Angel Interrogator Chaplain. Not a bad buy considering it’s both a kick-ass Khorne Lord and a plastic Flesh […]

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Meet the Kytan!

Oh my, Forge World shows us their latest release today – the most impressive Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne. Yes, the Lord of Skulls Knight Titan is finally out. As we’ve seen before the model looks ace.   The rules look solid too. 525 points. WS 5. Armour 13/13/11. I5. A4. HP6. Daemon. Daemonforge. Rage. […]

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The Blood Dawn, the list

Here is my list: Blood Vengeance Will Be Ours! – +++ Blood Vengeance Will Be Ours! (1250pts) +++ ++ Chaos Space Marines: Codex (2012) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1250pts) ++ + No Force Org Slot + Force Options (Supplement options here) [No unique force (Vanilla CSM Codex)] + HQ (355pts) + Chaos Lord (145pts) [Axe of […]

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The Blood Dawn

For thousands of years Farak had been the main Agri-World of Agrellan or Mu’gulath Bay as the Tau called their prized colony. When Mu’gulath Bay fell, so did Farak. The stragical importance of the Argi-World was obvious; without the tihtes from Farak, starvation follows on the mighty Hive World. But unknown to the Tau colonizers, […]

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