What to do next?

With Maulerfiend conversion done it’s time to kickstart the next project. But I still haven’t decided on what to do. Maybe you can help me decided? Lets go over the options: 1. 20 Chaos Cultists. The cultists are brilliant models but they are a bit static due to being snap fit. I already have twenty […]

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Obliterator conversion inbound

Games Workshop really hit the ball out of the park with their new Adeptus Mechanicus range. The brand new Kataphron Battle Servitors are no exception. I really like the half tank, half cyborg feel of the model. Just look at it.         The Kataphron Battle Servitors just screams please come and convert me. Unless you want […]

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A book of difficult choices

I got to talk about the new Eldar Craftworlds codex with a friend of mine today. He plays Eldar and is, understandably, quite thrilled about the book. Not so because of its power level, it was high before with all serpent shield spam and Wraithknights galore, but for all the choices that the book offers. The internal balance of […]

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