Paint job: Old One Eye

Boom! I just finished my DreadTober 2018 entry, the mighty, mighty Carnifex known simply as Old One Eye. The backstory of Old One Eye is pretty well known I guess, it get stranded on Calth, first frozen, then thawed. It trashes pretty everything until Telion, the master sharpshooter from the Ultramarines downs it with a […]

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DreadTober 2018

A few years back, Greg over at Greggles Tabletop/Feed your Nerd pulled this community event together called DreadTober. It was basically paint a Dreadnought model during October challenge but for me it was the first time participating in anything like that. I thought it was a ton of fun. The sense of community was great. […]

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Paint job: The Neglected Servitor

Here’s an old long forgotten model for your viewing pleasure. I painted this model with Azazel’s neglected model paint challenge in mind. Easy enough to get done in time. And it was finished way before September ran out, I just didn’t snapped the photos until now. The base is a little bit lacklustre (read undone) […]

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