For the Warmaster, part 2 – Formations of the Black Legion

I was actually surprised by the lack of good or at least decently updated rules for the Black Legion. Or maybe not surprised but still disappointed. They could have done so much more with little to no effort. Just look at the Angles of Death Supplement. (Or don’t, it won’t help with the disappointment.) At […]

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Renegade Knight

I know you all seen the new Imperial Knight: Renegade boxed game that Games Workshop are releasing this weekend. A new Knight, an old Knight and a ruined building; the discount is huge. The price isn’t far from buy one, get two. Damn you, Games Workshop, for putting out one great box after another. I […]

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Paint job: Herald of Nurgle

  Their fate was sealed; not when documents were finally signed in blood but the instant the last rampart of their humanity fell and they agreed upon the deal. The Chaos Space Marines of the Lords of Ascension had successfully aided the heretics push to overthrow Imperial rule. Now the time had come to pay […]

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WIP: Chaos Raptors

To celebrate the new Chaos Space Marines codex I decided to build my box of Raptors. Ok, there is no new book on the horizon but at least we’ll be getting some new formations and stuff with the revamped Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter supplements. I’ll be doing a run down of the new books […]

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