The Chapel calls you

When Mark over at Heresy of Us launched his collective The Chapel project I immediately got on board. Since then I made a few models for my INQ28-style Warband and written a couple of background pieces too. The project has spread across our little patch of the blogosphere. There is plenty of cool stuff being […]

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Hobby Resolutions for 2017

Last year was a year half-finished projects for me. I just couldn’t find the time to get stuff done. I’ve been so busy at times that prioritising the hobby … well, that wasn’t really to think about. But this year look slightly better. At least right now.  What I’m looking to do is finishing some […]

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Signs of life and dust

Oh my, you go on a bit of holidays down under and Games Workshop releases a Daemon Primarch, burn Fenris, give us new rules and models for the Thousand Sons and spring the Traitor Legions on us and that’s just a bit of all the new a shining stuff. Not fair! How am I supposed […]

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