Another year in the Warp

Greetings fellow adventurers and space farers! Life’s harsh here on the Eastern Fringe, far from the guiding light of the Emperor. Our realm sits on the edge of the Imperium, it always has but now more so than ever. Beset by the enemy without, within and beyond. A perfect setting for mischief and high adventure. […]

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The Chapel calls you

When Mark over at Heresy of Us launched his collective The Chapel project I immediately got on board. Since then I made a few models for my INQ28-style Warband and written a couple of background pieces too. The project has spread across our little patch of the blogosphere. There is plenty of cool stuff being […]

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Hobby Resolutions for 2017

Last year was a year half-finished projects for me. I just couldn’t find the time to get stuff done. I’ve been so busy at times that prioritising the hobby … well, that wasn’t really to think about. But this year look slightly better. At least right now.  What I’m looking to do is finishing some […]

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Signs of life and dust

Oh my, you go on a bit of holidays down under and Games Workshop releases a Daemon Primarch, burn Fenris, give us new rules and models for the Thousand Sons and spring the Traitor Legions on us and that’s just a bit of all the new a shining stuff. Not fair! How am I supposed […]

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A year in the Warp

Time travels at a strange pace in the Warp. Moments can last for an eternity while centruries pass at a blink of an eye. 2015 now nears its end and I thought i would be nice to try and sum my blogging adventures up in a post. 2015 was of course the year I got this blog […]

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