WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 4

I got some painting done on my Contemptor Helbrute and its base. 

I still have a long way to go. I’m only halfway through picking out the orange again after the heavy wash as you can tell the legs are left to do. I need to go over the metal again and tidy up some of the base colours. After that the more advanced detailing like all plasma glow (both from the cannon and from inside Contemptor itself) and a lot of other stuff remain. But the bulk is done and that feels great. 

Check it out:

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute
What colour on the loin cloth/stripes? Help me out here.

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute
A lot of work on the Plasma Cannon remains
Chaos Contemptor Helbrute
Rubble 60mm base
The base is actually done, simple yet effective.

Keep on trucking.



19 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 4

  1. Looking really good mate, he’s a beast! What colour are you planning for the plasma glow? If green, then maybe a mid blue for the loin cloth? Or vice versa if you’re going with a blue glow… that said, it kinda looks good as is, so maybe bone/neutral?

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    1. Thanks Alex! I think I’ll go for a classic blue plasma glow. That would both complement the main colours rather well and keep in line with the rest of the army. I’ll try the green out on loin cloth.

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    1. Cheers mate! The orange is Jokaero Orange. I got the tone by doing about three thin layers on the black primer, a very heavy wash of Nuln Oil and finally just a thin layer after the wash dried. Very simple but it works for me.

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    1. Cheers! Glad you like, mate. He’ll join my own Chaos Space Marine warband – the Lords of Ascension. They were independent marauders terrorising the Eastern Fringe but with the 13th Black Crusade being unleashed they bowed before Abaddon and aligned themselves with the Black Legion. Hopefully they won’t suffer the same fate as the Crimson Slaughter.

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      1. Good stuff, nice tie in to Traitor’s Hate; poor Kranon and his little quest to get rid of those pesky voices. Well your dread looks solid. As for the tassels, the bone works but is quite subdued. Blue would definitely add contrast but isn’t overly Khorne. As he looks quite Renegade, could go off white bone with flecks of blood…. decisions decisions, am sure whatever you do he’ll look ace.

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      2. It’s a good shout either way, looking forward to seeing how he comes along. Wish I’d realised Dreadtober was a thing, I’ve four in varying states of assembly that could do with some attention 😛


  2. He’s looking great mate, there’s a real power and weight to him, and just the right amount of conversion to give him a character all his own but not so much that he strays from the strengths of the original model. The orange colour-scheme really works well on him as well.

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  3. Looking good chief, you are really flying along with it. You should be proud, plenty of time to finish off the little bits.

    I think bone/white for the original World Eaters colours would look cool personally for the tabard.

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    1. Cheers mate! I’ll experiment with the tabard and see what fits. But a white one with some blood splatter would make a good contrast to the rest of the model.


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