Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero 

Goosebumps! Seriously check out the promo video for the next Horus Heresy board game – The Burning of Prospero. It’s Space Wolfs (boo!) versus the Thousand Sons (yeah!). Arhiman is there. Some random dude called the Fell-Handed too. Maybe it’s the original Fell-Handed and Björn’s only a simple charlatan? The Custodes and the Sisters of Silience support the Space Wolfs. 

You get MkIII armour. That alone sell the game. So freaking cool. And like cherry on top there are some variant Terminator armour. I don’t recognise it nor the guns they carry. 

This release hits all the marks. The Thousand Sons are by far my favourite Legion in Horus Heresy and Ahriman is so cool, flawed, damned and complex. Awesome character. So needless to say I’m stoked. Like incredibly, fan boy, endless amounts stoked. 

Burning of Prospero Ahriman
All is not yet dust, you say …

Burning of Prospero MkIII armour
Just look at those cool suits of MkIII armour

Burning of Prospero Terminators
Ancient suits of some long lost pattern of Terminator armour. Check!

Burning of Prospero Custodes
Sigmar’s personal honour guard to rescue. Sorry the Emperor’s. Why did I think of Sigmar?

Burning of Prospero Ahriman and Sisters of Silence
Everything is awesome!

Burning of Prospero Sisters of Silence
Cool models but I’m not a big fan of boob armour, as it is quite simply retarded.

Pre-order on 22nd October. 


Second promo video is now up. The Space Wolves got a lot of explaining to do. 

Here’s a couple of new shots. Check it out. 

Burning of Prospero Custodes
They look pretty cool, them sigmarines.

Burning of Prospero Fell-Handed
No one remembers you or your sagas, dude!

All is dust!


21 thoughts on “Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero 

  1. Not entirely sure on the Custodes but it might just be the angle we’re seeing that model from – it makes them look a little squat. Sisters of Silence are cool, although like you I agree that boob-armour is rather impractical (mind you, so is that haircut). Tartaros terminator armour should be a big hit with the true-scalers (I’m told that Tartaros legs are the best to use for true-scale marines, and until now they’ve been Forge World resin only). Ahriman is amazing. The Space Wolves are looking proper in the colour-scheme they should be wearing (approaching winter storm grey, not silly powder blue). Oh and there’s a video scripted by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Put it all together and these things make me a happy man!

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    1. Yeah, Space Wolves should be grey not baby blue. I’m pretty sure they were grey in RT but somewhere along the way they just lost it.

      My initial view of the Custodes is that they are a bit too much Age of Sigmar. But they probably look awesome once you get your hands on them.

      And the a few final words on the boob armour. Yes the hair is impracticable in combat but boob armour is lethal to yourself. If you get an impact blow to the chest the force of the blow will go somewhere. Proper armour distributes the force evenly and more importantly around the body. Guess what happens when wear boob armour? The force of the impact isn’t distributed around the body but rather into the centre (between the boobs) where it collapses the rib cage and you heart. Sure it’s just a game but come on.

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      1. Aye, I know about the dangers of boob-armour. It always struck me as pretty lazy on the part of the sculptors as well. Fair enough back in the 80’s when the level of technology and experience available to the sculptors was much more limited, getting subtle differences in proportions right was much harder and a lot of female models came out looking chunky and mannish. Often the only way to indicate that this wasn’t meant to be a bloke was to accentuate the boobs. Nowadays that’s simply not necessary. Years ago, when I worked with games developers and sculptors (not GW mind), there was a real culture that if a female model wasn’t all about the tits no-one would buy it. I used to argue bitterly against this and still do. It’s often said that this puts off female customers and that may be true to some extent (although frankly not as much as people think in my opinion). It definitely belittles male customers (and again the attitude from former colleagues tended towards “these people are all sex mad, they’re stupid and they’ll buy anything so long as you slap tits on it”). Now GW has tended latterly in the opposite direction (has anyone seen Slaanesh lately? I’ve tried ringing and he doesn’t answer) which isn’t necessarily a good thing either (I miss you Slaanesh! Come back to me!). Still the idea is clearly still hardwired in, there is nothing obviously sexy about the Sisters of Silence and yet here we are with the boob-armour once again. Would sales of this box been lower if they hadn’t used boob armour? Of course not!

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  2. Thankfully I am not interested in the sisters of silence anywat, but if I was I would file down the boobs and put a small spot of greenstuff between them, flatten it out and level it across. So there would be something there just not the silly extent there is with the concave.

    I love the terminator armour pattern I must admit. So very good.

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  3. Very much enjoyed your post, and the comments that followed had me chuckling. It’s an ace release and Wudugast was spot on about Tartaros legs for true-scale (although the plastic Cataphractii legs also work well), just a shame that those Termies are so cool I don’t want to just salvage them for components!
    I’m not sure how I feel about the sigmatodes or sisters (I hadn’t even thought about the I practicalities of the chest armour). I’m well, I guess, a little underwhelmed but I’m not sure why; although I know I hate the Custodes power swords. Anyway I’m rambling, looking forward to seeing what you make of yours.

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    1. Cheers mate! I saw a picture of one of the Custodes with a Halberd, in grey plastic, and oh man, first of all they are head and shoulders above a Astartes and the level of detail is mind boggling. I believe they will be a treat to work on.

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      1. Yeah I saw that picture as well, they’re crazy big. I don’t know much about the Custodes’ but my mate who is pretty hot on the lore was surprised at how tall they are. He was saying that they’re about as big as Marines, that said this makes his life way easier as he was going to true-scale some Custodes’ but GW have beat him to it!
        I’m definitely looking forward to working with these models as he pics that are out are good but there’s nothing like studying a miniature close up.


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