There are no leaks on the internet 

This image of Magnus the Red box, retrieved from a trash bin has been doing the rounds today. And stirred up quite a lot of excitement. Of course the social media team of GW responded in force so to speak. 

Magnus the Red, Daemon Primarch
There are no leaks on the internet …

You guys and gals need to check out this latest video from Warhammer TV. New Thousand Sons sprue, Magnus the Red – Daemon Primarch of Tzeentch and a whisper of plastic Sisters of Battle. 
Check it out!

11 thoughts on “There are no leaks on the internet 

      1. Magnus himself has me interested of course, he has one of the most complex and engaging backgrounds of the surviving Primarchs and he remains an active, relevant force in the 40k universe. He belongs in ‘modern’ 40k, without any need to advance or change the background. However the real reason I’m excited is the Thousand Sons themselves. They’re one of the most unique legions, both in terms of background and appearance, but they’ve been left on the sidelines for many years. If this is a sign that GW plans to give the same attention to the key Chaos legions as they have to the loyalist big names then times ahead are going to be very interesting indeed. Glad to see the Sisters are getting some attention at last as well.

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      2. When I got back into 40k some 8-10 years ago I was completely intrigued by the Thousand Sons. I wanted to build a TS army but I ended up with something totally different. Imagine that! 😉 I have a squad, half-finished and tucked away somewhere.

        I didn’t like the conversion kit one bit. Metal isn’t my medium to work with. Now give me a plastic kit and I’ll knock out a couple of squads. Hopefully they’ll revisit the rules too, they are woefully over priced at the moment.

        I would like to see the new Thousand Sons kit very toned down. Their armour should, in my opinion, be very reminiscent of the older marks, like mk3 and mk4 with some held back and discrete markings. That would reinforce their automaton fate. The Rubric marines should be beyond the touch of Chaos. But the iconic helmets should of course remain.

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    1. You and I both (and from the comments on their FB everyone else too). They obviously planted the trashed box only to follow it up with this BOOM-look at this video. Awesome work. They are fun to follow.

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