Paint job: Old One Eye

Boom! I just finished my DreadTober 2018 entry, the mighty, mighty Carnifex known simply as Old One Eye. The backstory of Old One Eye is pretty well known I guess, it get stranded on Calth, first frozen, then thawed. It trashes pretty everything until Telion, the master sharpshooter from the Ultramarines downs it with a […]

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DreadTober 2018

A few years back, Greg over at Greggles Tabletop/Feed your Nerd pulled this community event together called DreadTober. It was basically paint a Dreadnought model during October challenge but for me it was the first time participating in anything like that. I thought it was a ton of fun. The sense of community was great. […]

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WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 3

It’s now the first of October and that means that #dreadtober is officially on. I have more or less finished the build and sculpting part of my pledge. The Khornate Contemptor Helbrute is pretty much done. I have a few minor details left and some gap filling.  But I have sculpted Khorne runes, added battle […]

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WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 2

DreadTober is a community event or challenge in which you build and paint a dreadnought type model during October month. Except to all sorts of walkers, from the mighty Knight Titans to the not so mighty Helbrutes. The rules have been relaxed a bit this year – any dreadnought type model is fine so bring […]

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WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 1

Ok, lets get this party started. DreadTober 2016 is officially on (even though it’s still September) and the first of the weekly challenges is to plan and build you entry. Like I’ve mentioned before – I’ll be doing a Betrayal at Calth Chaos Contemptor Helbrute.  I need to do the following conversions: Turn it into […]

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Dreadtober 2016

Last year Greg over at Feed your Nerd hosted a great community event – DreadTober. In a very fun and encouraging manner we built and painted a Dreadnought type model. I managed to paint two Helbrutes last DreadTober – I was aiming to finish one but got swept away by the surge of shared enthusiasm. […]

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Paint job: Helbrute

Rizgar the Tainted The Fallen Champion Helbrute of the Lords of Ascension Chaos Space Marines First Captain Rizgar of the Silver Skulls Space Marines Chapter had been tasked with the destruction of Gul Valon, the Butcher of Kurigath. His assembled strike force of first company brothers struck hard and Rizgar shortly found himself face to […]

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WIP: Helbrute part 2

Got some more work done on my second Helbrute for #DreadTober. I picked out cables and metal details in the flesh. Plenty of detailing left – final wash and high layers of flesh, corrosion, rust and bare metal, bones and the base. And some extra stuff. But I’m optimistic, I think I’ll have it done […]

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WIP: Helbrute

What?!? No need to adjust you screen. You are correct, another #DreadTober Helbrute coming straight up. With my initial pledge fulfilled (with plenty of time to spare) I found myself caving in to the idea of painting yet another Helbrute. In October. I’m going for the same overall look on this as on my Khorgorath […]

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