WIP: Thousand Sons Contemptor conversion

Way back, like a few years ago I think, I made this Contemptor Conversion. Some of you might remember it. Made from the Betrayal at Calth plastic Contemptor model, I really put some effort into it. I basically broke down the kit, down to its smallest components to reposition it and making it more dynamic. Check out the first WIP-post here.

I almost finished painting it but only almost. I for some reason lost interest in it. Moved on to other projects and armies. I often thought of finishing it but never did. So it just sat there it the big box of shame.

The main reason I never finished it was that I’d dedicated it to Khorne. Where I am right now, a Khorne Contemptor have no place. It’s a shame because I really like Contemptors both their rules, which are great, and mostly the models. They look absolutely amazing.

So I decided to take a radical decision regarding the conversion. I would go back, revisit the model and turn it into a Thousand Sons Contemptor. That means undo a lot of work done and risk wasting a perfectly good model. I took a few deep breaths and put it to the knife. I carefully shaved off the Khorne iconography from the model.

I then dove into the Tzaangor and other Thousand Sons bits that I have. Things that I decided was needed was – Tzeentch icons, magically eyes, flowing cloth, funky headpiece. I sent an evening cutting stuff up, glueing, green stuffing and ended up with this (artsy black and white pictures because the colour once just look all over the place):

I need to file and cut the Green Stuff for a smoother finish once it was cured. I’m not sold on the sword. I’m might change it for a smaller chain fist bit. What do you, fellow adventurers, keep it or go for a smaller bit?

It lacks an arm at the moment. I got that inbound together with some other stuff. I’ll do a post on that later on.

Until then keep on trucking and if you live in the EU – vote for something non-fascist in the EP elections.

8 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Contemptor conversion

  1. Looking good mate – better than the Khornish one in fact! Not sure about that sword though, looks a bit ‘tacked on’ to me, but it’s hard to tell for sure…

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