WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 1

Ok, lets get this party started. DreadTober 2016 is officially on (even though it’s still September) and the first of the weekly challenges is to plan and build you entry. Like I’ve mentioned before – I’ll be doing a Betrayal at Calth Chaos Contemptor Helbrute. 

I need to do the following conversions:

  • Turn it into a Khornate Helbrute – I’ll have to sculpt some Khorne runes and Chaos icons on the Contemptor. 
  • Change the awkward static pose into a more dynamic running one. 
  • Head swap (I’ll add one of the heads from the Helbrute kit), battle damage, corruption and a bit of flair (if Kharn got tassels …). 
  • Decide whether to go with the Multi Melta or use the Plasma Cannon from the Helbrute kit.

I’ve done a fair bit of work already. I cut up the legs, feet and the waist to give myself maximum flexibility. I also sculpted the Khorne rune on its chest. I carved the fancy scroll off and smoothed the piece before cracking out the Green Stuff. 

Here’s a few WIP pictures:

Betrayal at Calth Contemptor conversion
That pose! It’s remarkably undynamic and dull but still, very cool model that comes together very nicely.
Betrayal at Calth - re-posing the legs
All cut up and ready to go.
Betrayal at Calth Contemptor - Khorne rune on torso
I sketched the rune with a pencil before sculpting it. It looks pretty good so far.
That’s it for this time. 


20 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 1

    1. Mate, I’ve been trying to comment on your new Tick-Tock Mans post but for some reason the comment won’t stick. They look so awesome. And those sad faces/masks looks amazing on them.

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      1. I must’ve gotten caught in your spam filter or something. I don’t know.

        Soulless shell is a good description. I just look at the Tick-Tock Mans and think the robots of infinite sadness. The saddest killerbots in the world.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this come together. You might even inspire me to work on my own Contemptor I have. Mine, someone gave it to me, is the Alpha Legion one. While’s it’s cool, I need to cover up the Alpha Legion stuff on it. A big Khorne stymbol on the chest like you did goes a long way to covering up things 🙂

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