WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 2

DreadTober is a community event or challenge in which you build and paint a dreadnought type model during October month. Except to all sorts of walkers, from the mighty Knight Titans to the not so mighty Helbrutes. The rules have been relaxed a bit this year – any dreadnought type model is fine so bring on your Carnifexes, Riptides and the likes. Check out the host of DreadTober 2016 – Broken Paintbrush for all the info. 

Now back to my entry. I’m doing a Betrayal at Calth Contemptor. The goal is make a khornate Helbrute. I’ve been doing a fair bit of more work since last time. Some sculpting and whatnot. Check out the pictures.

Sculpted Chaos Star
I sculpted a Chaos Star running across the back of one of the legs. Fairly simple, hopefully it’ll look cool once painted.

Sculpted Chaos Stat on Helbrute
The other half of the Chaos Star. I might add a bit of Liqiud Green Stuff to even it out a bit. Maybe.
Betrayal at Calth Power fist conversion.
The Icon is a bit off center because I will add some skulls and stuff next to it. Very easy push sculpting. I also added the Power Fist armour from the Helbrute kit.
Betrayal at Calth Contemptor conversion.
With the Khorne rune, horns, head and battle damage I would say it looks like an insane killer cyborg.

Helbrute Plasma Cannon conversion
I decided to go with the Plasma Cannon because it felt like a good pick for Khorne. I basically added the Helbrute Plasma Cannon to the Autocannon arm of the Contemptor. But is it straight? It looks a bit bent. Damn it!
Khorne flair!
Khorne loves flair. It is known.

Keep the faith!


13 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 2

  1. Very nice. I think the Calth Contemptor is ace but a bit bland, so the work you’ve done is awesome. I may well have to nab a few of your ideas as I’ve got two half finished dreads on the go (I did the same thing with the plasma cannon but used the multi melta arm), particularly like the head and your green stuffing is on point!

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    1. Thanks buddy! I really liked working on the BaC Contemptor. I think GW could (and should) have done more with it. Especially regarding the poseability. If I’ll find another on the cheap I’ll pick it up.

      Liked by 1 person

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