Traitor’s Hate Review – part 1: General impressions 

I got my hands on Traitor’s Hate one week ago and as you can imagine I’ve spent quite a lot of time reading it. The story is great. I found it to be really thrilling and evocative. They did a good job on creating the grand scale of things without going completely over the top. Great balance in conveying the ambiguity of this part of the Black Crusade. Sure if they succeed with their objective then the repercussions will be felt throughout the galaxy, Abaddon allocates quite a lot of resources for the campaign but it is still not essential to the entire Black Crusade. At least that is my reading of it. In the end everyone is just a pawn in Abaddon’s Long War. 

Traitor's Hate Table of Content
The story revolves around the invasion of the Diamor System. It is a quite massive invasion – we have Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Word Bearers and Kharn’s Butcherhorde. The Diamor System is heavily defended both in space and on the ground. Mechanicus, Knights and Blood Angels are all in the fight. I won’t spoil the read by going over the details or the plot turns. 

There was a lot of blood. They did a great job at diversifying the different Chaos factions goals and ambitions for the fight and was written in a way that differentiated them from each other. Pace, language, dialogue all changed depending on who currently was the main protagonists. 

Traitor's Hate Kill! Maim! Burn!
I love these Mechanicum reports at the start of each chapter.

The stars of the book are Kharn and the Crimson Slaughter. Kharn is just such a power house of awesomeness. I kid you not! He just rips through it all. They did a tremendous job capturing him. I know that the Crimson Slaughter is somewhat of a watershed in the community. I’ve always liked them. They are tragic and sad, which gives them a bit more depth than you might first think. If you like them, I think you’ll love the book and if you don’t just keep reading. You’ll love what happens to them. 

The story is great and as always it’s backed up by great artwork. Most is old but there are some new great pieces too (and a few that isn’t that great at all). The army and battle shots are the superb quality that you’d expect. They have plenty of heraldry pages too, fleshing out Crimson Slaughter, Kharn’s Butherhorde and the Black Legion contingent. 

Traitor's Hate Kharn versus Death Company
Blood for the Blood God or Blood for Sanguinius, what could possibly go wrong?

And the names for the Butcherhorde sub-sects! Killstomp, Oblivion Butchers, Endless Murder to name but a few. But no Blood Gore Bloods. I’m disappointed. Overall a great book so far. 

The rules cover a few new dataslates (Kharn, Lord of Skulls and Renegade Knights) and 11 formations, a new detachment, four full psychic disciplines and six tactical objectives. I’ll break down the rules in at least two or three posts. There is plenty to go over.

Keep on burning (the galaxy)

10 thoughts on “Traitor’s Hate Review – part 1: General impressions 

  1. I’m still slowly working through the story. Haven’t had time to just sit down and read lately. But, I have read a bit, and seeing the Crimson Slaughter in there I thought was great. I always liked their story. I also think it’s cool having a renegade chapter that hasn’t been at it for 10K years. The Crimson Slaughter remind me a lot of my own warband. So, I’m looking forward to finishing the story and seeing what happens.

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