Obliterator conversion inbound

Games Workshop really hit the ball out of the park with their new Adeptus Mechanicus range. The brand new Kataphron Battle Servitors are no exception. I really like the half tank, half cyborg feel of the model. Just look at it.


The Kataphron Battle Servitors just screams please come and convert me. Unless you want to play Ad Mech off course, they will look smashing straight out of the box. My plan is to convert them into Obliterators. They got  everything needed really – awesome and wierd guns, close combat weapons, flamers, heavy armour – the works. The challange will be to make them look more true Chaos and less converted Ad Mech.

Since Nurgle Obliterators are solid win, I’ll probably go down that route. Tentacles, mutation, boils and pus-filled swellings – yeah, that’ll do it.

6 thoughts on “Obliterator conversion inbound

  1. Think you’ve nailed it, these guys could make for amazing Obliterators. Have you considered using the body from a putrid blightking? I think the result could be cracking. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


    1. Oh man, the body of the Blightkings on this would look so cool. I didn’t think of that, but now I can’t stop think of it. Hehehe.

      A tad on the expensive side but really cool.


      1. Could probably find just the bits with a bit of searching, but if Nurgle is your bag then the whole box would probably work out as a solid investment. I’m actually getting hooked on the idea myself… must… concentrate… on… current… projects…!


      2. Too many projects. Way too many ideas. Nothing new will go down until I finish off the Maulerfiend. Problem is that I’m like the worlds slowest painter …

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  2. As a heavy converter, these are golden. Three Obilt torsos AND three chaos rapier tracks…
    Not 100% on the size vs other models, but I’m sure termi legs will be fine, but if not, grab some cent legs bits and nurgle it up to hide the filthy corpse worshiping markings. One rapier on Fw = $30(without s/h). These are $58. Think it’s a steal.


    1. Pretty good idea to just use the upper half of the battle servitor to build an obliterator and then use the tracks for a rapier. I am planning to convert my obliterators use the tracks as well or I were planning. I’ll see when I get the kit in my hands. Looking forward to see what you can make of it.


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