Paint job: Altwon Pattern Maulerfiend

Yes, the Maulerfiend’s all done! I’m pleased with the result. It looks and feels the part. This has been the first projects that I’ve documented in this fashion and it’s been a blast. Thanks for all the encouraging comments along the way.

With the Maulerfiend done and out of the way I finally can tackle some of my out ideas and project. Surprise, there are quite a few going on.  More on those later on.

Now it’s picture time. Whoop! Whoop!


Come on, give us a kiss!


The blood splatter on the neck … I don’t know how good it looks really.


Shaking that tail feather.




The other profiles.


The dark base and the light model fits nicely. The metal and rust binds them together.


Siege crawler ftw!


Look, (not so) scary daemon engine effects!


Nec spe, nec metu!

No fear, no hope!



22 thoughts on “Paint job: Altwon Pattern Maulerfiend

  1. I swear I just left a comment but it’s not showing. Let’s try again.

    That’s an impressive build. I’d love to build a Maulerfiend to pair with my normal one but I don’t think I have the ambition to pull it off.

    Great work!


    1. Sorry about the comment not showing up, I can’t really tell why it didn’t. But here it is (I mostly use use my smart phone to work on the blog and for some reason I didn’t see it in the app).

      Thanks a lot. It was quite a lot of work doing this, great fun too!


      1. I figured after the second time that it must have been by moderator approval despite it not saying so.


    1. Thanks. I wanted the conversion to be easily recognisable as a Maulerfiend yet at the same time diffrent. The Tervigon belly was key making it possible.


  2. OMFG. I’m so glad you put this as a link in your most recent blog otherwise I would have missed it. It’s a monstrosity. It’s vile and beautiful all in one haha. I love the twisted flesh with mechanics and the armour plating. Amazing job mate. Just amazing!!!

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  3. Just went through all the WiPs. A great journey there, and a fantastic result!

    What did you use for the basing texture? It doesn’t quite look like any material or technique I’m familiar with.

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    1. Thank you! It’s something else, isn’t it. It looks very intimidating on the table top.

      The basing is a mix of saw dust, white carpenter glue and plaster mixed with black paint. The wall is foam core and the green goo is white glue mixed glue shade.


      1. OK, the sawdust and plaster is the part I was missing. The foam core walls, I’ve made enough of in my day to recognize 😉 Thanks!

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      2. I do a lot of construction and renovation work at home so I have access to an abundance of sawdust. So I just started experimenting with it. The rougher kind gives a really good texture on bigger bases.


  4. When I was a kid, I could have had as much as I wanted, since my dad did a fair amount of carpentry. Not sure if there’s anyone I can get some from today, but I’ll ask around some of my friends who might know.

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