A book of difficult choices

I got to talk about the new Eldar Craftworlds codex with a friend of mine today. He plays Eldar and is, understandably, quite thrilled about the book. Not so because of its power level, it was high before with all serpent shield spam and Wraithknights galore, but for all the choices that the book offers. The internal balance of the last book was so poor that it kind of killed the fun. The new book looks strong all round and really fun to play with and to play against.


There is plenty more than just Scatter Laser Jetbikes, Gargantuan Wraithknights and D-toting Wraithguard. Lists built around them will be common, I’m sure. Great units with great models. But I have some other favourites as well:

  1. Dire Avenger Shrine – take three squads of Dire Avengers and get a once per game extra shoot (assault 3 catapults), +1 to BS and a moral boost. They will destroy any infantry unit they come across. And looking good while doing it in their fancy armour.
  2. Swooping Hawks – 18″ jump move, Deep strike without scatter, assaulting flyers. They are a real utility unit.
  3. Falcon squadron – take three and Deep strike without scatter. Just drop in, destroy a tank, unload Dire Avengers and destroy a unit or two. Don’t forget the Ghostwalk Matrix!
  4. Night Spinner squadron – the barrage fire gets stronger in the squadron. +1 to Strength per additional Night Spinner, same number of shots as models. Just sit back and own the battlefield.

20140516_212652_HDR 20140516_212738_HDR 20140516_212717_HDR

Awesome psykers in the Farseer, especially with the Spirit Stone of Anath’lan. I painted this Farseer to my friend as he got into 40k.

These are just a few of the other units in the book. There are plenty more. Eldar players can either take the obvious route of bikes and wraith (which people will expect and prepare to face) or mix it up a bit and still come out strong. This will be a book of hard choices and that’s just great.


2 thoughts on “A book of difficult choices

  1. This book played at a “mid level” range with a mix of unit is truly awesome. It is without a doubt the strongest of all the current codexes now, even if you ignore the D weapons. So many awesome choices!


  2. I think that most units are pretty much on par and the Codex is constructed so that you need to diversify. Wraithguards alone are too slow and got too few shots and attacks. Jetbikes threat range end at av12 and wraithknights are still only two shot (plus overcosted heavy weapons).


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