Another batch of Rubric Marines

So how are you all hang on in these crazy times? I’ve had a hard time getting hobby done being swamped in work, while physically separated from most projects. They are stuck away from home. Not the biggest worry these days but still a drag.

Oh well, enough about the hassles of the real life Gifts of Nurgle.

I picked up a box of Rubric Marines before the Games Workshop lockdown. I built all ten with Inferno Bolters and kitbashed a Sorcerer. This batch puts me at 33 Rubric Marines and 5-6 Aspiring Sorcerers. (Maybe seven, I should do a headcount.) Enough to go big with a few squads or bring a bunch of minimum squads.

The Rubric Marines are straight out of the box. Nothing fancy at all. I’ll try and get them based and primed. Painting should take a year or two. No kidding. They are horrible to paint. Every model have more details than your average Character model. On the other hand, Rubric Marines are hands down the coolest models in the entire 40k range. I absolutely love them.

The Sorcerer is a bit of a kitbash. Most of the bits are from the kit – torso, arms, staff. The legs are the last MkIII legs I had in my bits box. Only problem is that those legs make him a tad short. I’ll call him Little Magnus. The backpack is a MkIV one. I just cut off the exhaust bits/balls and replaced them the heads from the Warpflamers. Simple. It looks the part to me.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay home. Support the health care services and refuse the false blessings of Nurgle by keep washing your hands.

10 thoughts on “Another batch of Rubric Marines

  1. Those are great, love the kitbashed sorcerer. I’m in full agreement about the Thousand Sons being amongst the very best things in the GW range (I’d hold the undivided Chaos marines in the top spot, but Magnus’s boys are very close behind). Keep safe and well mate 🙂

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    1. Thanks, mate! The sorcerer came out alright. Those MkIII legs are great. They bring a lot of character to the model.

      I only have the ten new snapfit CSM dudes from the big box last year. Those are quite amazing in every way. I bet the proper kit is even greater still.

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